Rajasthan is all about vibrant colours, majestic forts, deserted havelis, royal palaces, sand dunes and camels. It is a complete destination offering the tourist everything ranging from heritage, culture, wildlife, religious places, variety of cuisines etc. A rough sketch of the itinerary could be:

Day 1 - 3  You will most probably arrive at one of the main tourist cities, could be Jaipur, Jodhpur or Udaipur. Explore the city, visit the been there done that places... the forts, the palaces, all essential elements of Rajasthan. Keep some time for shopping too.. you will be spoilt for choice. Also explore the surroundings of this place, make a day trip to somwhere close. For these three days preferably stay in a grand heritage hotel,  a fort, palace or even a haveli now convereted  into hotel or resort. They are mostly equipped with all the modern facilities yet retain the old world charm, perfect for the royal Rajasthani feel.

Day 4 - 5 Visit a second city. This could be the place from where you visit the famous Thar desert along with experience of camel/ jeep safaris, cultural shows, dinner on the dunes or for that matter even a desert camp stay. Luxury camps have cropped up at many places and make for a quiet and pleasant stay with all modern amneties. Also visit a relegious shrine and pay your respects to the local deities.

Day 6 - 7 Include a wildlife sanctuary in your trip and get a chance to do some tiger spotting. Options include Ranthambore National Park or Sariska tiger reserve. Alternatively you could go bird watching at one of the bird sanctuaries such as Keoladeo Ghana National Park.

Day 8 - 9 Move to some offbeat place far from the tourist centres, indulge yourself on the last days of your holiday. Choose a place where you can have a different experience, maybe village visits, mingling with the locals or simply a place where you can have spa and wellness sessions.

Day 10 - 11 You could either go back to the city from where you started off for your flight or train back home or could be a city you have not explored. Say if you started at Jaipur, you could end at either Udaipur/ Jodhpur and get a chance to explore a new place before you leave for home sweet home.